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The World Health Organization (WHO) claims that 4.5 million die every year around the world

At Tel Aviv University (TAU), the Aaron Frenkel Air Pollution Initiative, led by Prof. Colin Price, is trying to look for new innovative solutions for reducing and offsetting air pollution, as well as other types of pollution.  Since the majority of the world’s population live in cities (and this is especially true in Israel), cities are a focus of our studies. 

Tel Aviv University is partnering with Monaco to find technical and policy solutions to pollution.  This project includes basic and applied research and the CAPSULA-TAU startup accelerator that is promoting new startup companies related to environmental pollution that will reduce air and water pollution in the future. 

Prof. Colin Price is the Head of the Environmental Studies Department at The Porter School of the Environment and Earth Sciences.

Featured image:Air pollution in Tel Aviv (Photo: Yonatan Sindel)

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