Climate change is the biggest, most global issue of our times. Planet Earth is sending us an urgent wake-up call.

We are not being dramatic. The situation is dramatic as we have seen again recently through major fires, floods and droughts across Canada, the US and worldwide.

Tel Aviv University (TAU) is leading the way to finding solutions to climate change and other environmental dangers.

Led by faculty, researchers and students at the Porter School of the Environment and Earth Sciences and across campus, we are reaching new heights to address the significant environmental concerns facing us today.

We are excited to share the ingenuity and practical solutions TAU is finding to help heal our planet and safeguard the future; for us, our children, and our grandchildren. This unwavering commitment to such important work is why we are focusing our campaign this year on ‘Our Earth, Our Future’.

The Porter School of the Environment and Earth Sciences

The Department of Environmental Studies in the Porter School of the Environment and Earth Sciences at Tel Aviv University was the first graduate school in Israel dedicated to the research, teaching and sharing of environmental knowledge in Israel, with a wholly interdisciplinary approach. The department was established in the year 2000 to respond to the increasing need for knowledge, research and training in this essential field, and it offers a range of study and research programs for graduate students on an array of topics addressing contemporary environmental issues

The department’s unique interdisciplinary approach facilitates productive interfaces between exact and natural sciences and the social sciences and humanities. The integration of environmental aspects into the various disciplines creates new fields of research and knowledge, which nourish the current evolution of thinking in Israel and globally.

As part of its overall vision, the department seeks to bring forth the wealth of academic environmental knowledge to the places where it is most needed, in all realms of Israeli society: national and local government, the judicial system, the education system, industry, private sector companies and public institutions. The school therefore maintains extensive contacts and partnerships with leading environmental organizations, government ministries, industry and other research institutions in Israel and around the world

Our Researchers

Using Plants to Clean up Polluted Soils

Dr. Michal Gruntman
Soil contamination has become a key ecological issue, threatening the wellbeing of the environment and humans health. Dr. Michal Gruntman, a TAU researcher, is working on the use of plants to clean…

Ancient Tools Reveal Earth’s Magnetic Field

Prof. Erez Ben-Yosef
While the essence and origins of the Earth’s magnetic field have remained largely unresolved, it is known to be connected to various phenomena in the atmosphere and the planet’s ecological system, …

Predicting Forest Fires with Smart Phones

Hofit Shahaf, Ph.D. Student
Canadians have seen how devastating wildfires can be. This year alone, more fires have burned in B.C. than ever before. There is no more time to wait, we must act now to find innovative and creativ…

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