Using Plants to Clean up Polluted Soils

Dr. Michal Gruntman

Dr. Michal Gruntman, Sr. Lecturer, School of Plant Sciences and Food Security, Porter School of Environmental Studies, Tel Aviv University

Soil contamination has become a key ecological issue, threatening the wellbeing of the environment and humans health. Dr. Michal Gruntman, a TAU researcher, is working on the use of plants to clean up polluted soils, while also targeting plants that have a negative impact on the environment.

 As a senior lecturer at the Porter School’s Department of Environmental Studies and the School of Plant Sciences and Food Security, Dr. Gruntman recognizes soil as a finite, irreplaceable resource neglected at our peril. She is studying the unique ability of certain plant species to accumulate high concentrations of heavy metals in their above-ground tissues, and the way these plants can be used for the cleanup of heavy-metal contaminated soil.

 Her research focuses on the application of a natural plant hormone as a way to enhance metal uptake in sunflowers, which can have major implications on the optimization of natural clean-up practices of certain plants. At the same time, Michal has become an expert on the ecology of invasive plants, which contribute to biodiversity losses.

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