“Hygroelectricity” – a possible source of energy

Judi Lax

Judi Lax , Ph.D. student, supervised by prof. Colin Price and prof. Hadas Saaroni, The Porter School of the Environment and Earth Sciences

Judi Lax is a Ph.D. student, supervised by prof. Colin Price and prof. Hadas Saaroni. Together they are investigating the field of ‘hygroelectricity’ – a possible source of energy extracted from ambient humidity, as well as describing the humidity regime in the world’s largest cities, to understand when and where this technology and other humidity-relient technologies will have the largest operating potential. 

In addition her research, Judi is a ‘Climate Reality Leader’ – one of thousands of volunteers trained by former vice president Al Gore to speak to the public about the climate crisis.  Her experience in simplifying what is often quite complex and explaining it to different audiences – whether very young or adults – led to her current role as the scientific curator of the new climate crisis exhibition, recently opened in the Steinhardt Museum of Natural History – ‘Global Warning: The Climate, The Crisis and Us’. 

“I feel blessed to be a student in Tel Aviv University. It is a privilege to work with two outstanding professors, who focus both on the scientific work, as well as on reaching out to raise public awareness of the importance of the climate crisis and support me as I do so as well. We are facing an enormous challenge, and the way we act today will determine which future we and our children will face. I have faith in human nature, I believe we can change and I have no doubt that together we can solve this crisis.”

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