A water filtration system with nanotechnology

Beneath the surface of our lakes, rivers, and streams, pollution has created risks to our health and ecosystem. Just ask residents in many of Canada’s Indigenous communities deprived of safe drinking water for years due to contamination. Today, the need for effective water treatment systems is greater than ever, part of a larger global environmental issue with serious implications for our future.

Fortunately for us and the rest of the world, experts at Tel Aviv University (TAU), like Dr. Ines Zucker, are on the case. Dr. Zucker, who has multiple degrees from TAU, is a leader in the field of nanotechnology’s eco-applications and implications. Using her expertise in material sciences and environmental engineering, she created a water filtration system with nanotechnology that removes specific pollutants, such as traces of heavy metal, to help make water suitable for human consumption. 

A Senior Lecturer at TAU’s Porter School of Environmental Studies and the School of Mechanical Engineering, Dr. Zucker is passionate about her research in the pursuit of solutions, especially involving water pollution. For the benefit of our earth and our future, we are grateful Dr. Zucker and others like her at TAU are so determined to make such a positive impact.

Dr Ines ZUCKER (Israel) – Green Talents

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