Water from air …

In an unprecedented study, Tel Aviv University (TAU) researchers recently uncovered a potential solution to the worsening global scarcity of clean drinking water, including the lack of potable water in many Indigenous communities here in Canada.

Led by graduate student Offir Inbar, experts from Porter School’s hydrochemistry laboratory found that water produced from the air, even in an urban area, complied with the World Health Organization’s strict drinking water standards. It is this kind of out-of-the-box research that has made TAU a leader in the environmental field, benefiting our planet far and wide. We all stand to gain when we support Israel’s largest, most multidisciplinary university in its ground-breaking work in such a relevant field. 

The work of students and faculty at the Porter School gives us all reasons for hope and optimism.

Students like Offir are what TAU is all about.

LINK to Offir’s work: Care for A Glass of Tel Aviv Air? – Canadian Friends of Tel Aviv University (cftau.ca)

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